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Need Workplace Help?

In the workplace you may be required to undertake many different literacy and numeracy tasks, such as:


forms e.g. job sheets, order forms, service schedules, time sheets, leave forms

safety signs, symbols, abbreviations, part numbers, service stickers, product labels

charts, tables, graphs, diagrams  e.g. for vehicle specifications, wiring diagrams

maps, plans e.g. site plan drawings, building plans

memos, company notices, emails, service and repair instructions, health & safety brochures

manuals e.g. vehicle repair, apprenticeship training manuals

contracts e.g. employment, building

legal documents & regulations  e.g. re building standards, health & safety, hazardous substances

 ► write short notes, job cards, instructions for others, list supplies/parts required
 ► fill in forms e.g. tax code forms, time sheets, health & safety incident/accident report forms
 ► draw diagrams or sketches to clarify information
 ► keep a diary of jobs/work completed
 ► write assessment answers for apprenticeship assignment work and theory assessments

Speaking & Listening:
listen to verbal instructions from supervisor/manager

ask questions to ensure you understand information

listen to customers requests

explain to customers/clients what work has been carried out

order equipment or materials from suppliers

communicate with co-workers

answer oral questions during apprenticeship assessments

use whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages, ratios

select and use sensible units and tools to measure:  
length, quantity, time, temperature, pressure, capacity, volume, money etc
use correct formulas to calculate areas and volumes

convert units within the metric system & between measurement systems

convert measurements from plans by interpreting scale ratios

calculate quantity of materials needed to complete a job

estimate quantities required and time needed to carry out a job

accurately record the time taken to complete a job

recognise geometric shapes – triangle, square, rectangle, circle, cube, cylinder, cone, pyramid

recognise geometric concepts e.g. straight, square, parallel, flat, round, perpendicular

measure angles accurately and recognise common angles eg 15,30, 45,90 degrees

calculate money amounts accurately and give correct change

use a computer to:
word process letters, quotes, and other documents
produce invoices

make appointments

look up supplier websites for information on parts or materials

download information from the internet

send emails

do internet banking

create/update spreadsheets

consult electronic manuals
use electronic equipment for diagnosing faults, measuring, checking levels etc

Our tutors are able to assist you to improve your confidence and skills in any of the above areas. Contact us to talk about your needs and how we can help you.

What Others Say

“If I see a new book, I now feel confident enough to buy it and sit down and read it. Whereas before I couldn't read it, let alone pronounce the words, I now have a love and passion to discover new words ... I don't give up. Reading is the key knowledge to everything"   Michael             

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