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“Achieving their qualifications was obviously the ultimate outcome for both the guys, and was in no small part due to the assistance received from you and your team.”

BCITO Training Advisor

“Good learning curve for me – it’s helped me lots in my writing, reading, and pronunciation and has given me lots of confidence.”
ARAS Workplace Student
“I have found these meetings very helpful and has made working on the A-tech units easier than they looked like.  I would recommend coming here to anyone else that has had trouble with these units.”
ARAS Workplace Student

“My tutor has given me more confidence in reading and writing and understanding how to get the most out of my new career…the work we have touched on has made a world of difference to where I’m at today.”
ARAS Workplace Student

“Over the last 12 weeks I feel I have improved my test taking techniques, learnt more maths skills and increased my vocabulary.”
ARAS Workplace Student
“I’m passing tests and assignments books more easily and faster and learning more. It’s really quite helpful.”
ARAS Workplace Student

"Tutoring has been helpful in developing techniques and very useful strategies to advance my training"
ARAS Workplace Student

“Atmosphere and tutor have been excellent.”
ARAS Workplace Student

What Others Say

“If I see a new book, I now feel confident enough to buy it and sit down and read it. Whereas before I couldn't read it, let alone pronounce the words, I now have a love and passion to discover new words ... I don't give up. Reading is the key knowledge to everything"   Michael             

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