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Literacy Christchurch is a not-for-profit organisation which provides adult literacy and numeracy assistance on a one-to-one and/or small group basis, without discrimination on the basis of race, gender, beliefs, socio-economic level, class or culture.

Tutoring is student-focussed, with sessions tailored to the appropriate learning styles and goals of each student. Tutors are matched carefully with students to provide the best possible outcomes for the student. 


To assist self-motivated adults with reading, writing, numeracy and other essential learning in order to empower them to achieve independence, attain their goals and fulfill their potential.

Literacy Christchurch believes that...

  • everyone has the right to be able to read and write
  • you can't teach anyone can only facilitate learning
  • students set their own goals
  • there is no universal method - anything that works is right
  • each student learns best at her/his own pace and learning style
  • tutors build on what the student already knows
  • tutors help students discover the best ways for themselves to learn
  • success is the learner's best reward
  • students are encouraged to be independent, and given the freedom to
          make their own decisions about their learning , goals and methods
  • there is no magic - it takes hard work from tutor and student
  • adult students have a lot to contribute; tutors should use this fact to its full potential


What Others Say

“If I see a new book, I now feel confident enough to buy it and sit down and read it. Whereas before I couldn't read it, let alone pronounce the words, I now have a love and passion to discover new words ... I don't give up. Reading is the key knowledge to everything"   Michael             

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